No Information Security Analysts Required. Secure your Data in the Cloud.

With the news of the recent computer network breaches like WannaCry, it makes me WannaScream, “Why are you managing your own network?” Would you put all of your monetary capital under a mattress and hire your own militia to protect it? Of course not. Yet, this is what companies are doing. They are spending millions of dollars on overpaid paranoid “Information Security Analysts” with their made for Hollywood stories of security debacles designed to scare you out of your monetary capital.

The majority of security analysts stories are over hyped. Plain outright nonsense. Put tape over your web cam so someone cannot “hack” your camera. Go ahead. Look at me. Pure Garbage. Not gonna happen. Yet, you have to believe it all, because well, you just don’t know, right? That is the Security Analysts creed, it pays better to make people paranoid. If they don’t know any better or have a clue what your talking about, they will pay you.

It is the same shell game. Different players. Like the auto mechanic of years past taking advantage of people who don’t know a carburetor from a piston rod, these sharks use the media hyped security debacles to scare you into buying their “wares”, firewalls, “Security Consulting Services”, antivirus software which protects you from malicious programs after the fact. You should be aware of their wares and where they came from, what is their real background. These hipsters are only interested in a fast buck.

Paying for security products is similar to paying for insurance, you don’t know what your really paying for, you never use it, it is just there just in case. The case usually never arrives in the case of security insurance. Like lighting a fire to your cash, no ones needs to pay for security anymore. It is pure waste. I am a computer programmer and have been using computers for over 40 years. I have never had a “security breach” or been “hacked”.

Snake oil pusher. No thank you. I’m going to push close.

What are you to do? If you pay attention to the media, you have to do something about security? Well, yes and no.

A recent article in Investor’s Business Daily about the WannaCry cyberattack mentions in passing,

spending on security technology has slowed as many companies shift their technology infrastructure to the cloud.

How can you get to the cloud?

Push Delete

Delete your network. You don’t need to protect something that doesn’t exist. No network. No network security breaches. No funds under the mattress, no militia to protect it. Downsize your “IT Network Security” department and secure your data with the cloud. Google Cloud. There are currently over five million business storing their data in Google’s G Suite office applications and storage. Why hire a small army to protect your data, when security is free, as in no cost and free as in worry free. Sleep better at night. Do you really think Google is going to allow some inane “cyber” prankster to hold their entire network up for ransom? No and no.

At Google data centers, security and data protection aren’t afterthoughts — they’re central to our design. Our physical security model includes standard safeguards like custom electronic access cards, perimeter fencing, and metal detectors. But we also use cutting-edge tools like biometrics and laser-based intrusion detection — making physical breaches a “mission impossible” scenario for would-be attackers.

Learn more about Google’s Security and Compliance in this summary.

To the Stratosphere with Office Sphere

At Office Sphere we show you how you can integrate Google Cloud’s G Suite with your business. We offer value added software which runs along with G Suite to make your business more secure, eliminate security woes, server costs, and general IT computing costs. Our solution is server-less. No server required. No network required. No network. No network to secure. Less costs. Increased budget for true capital expenditures instead of spending your capital on thin air security stories made up by “Security Analysts”.

  • Migrate away from Microsoft Office once and for all
  • Make your Office Paper Less with Office Sphere’s Paper Less solutions
  • Server-less Office Management
  • Stop worrying about and paying for security
  • Lower computing costs

We have a complete paper-less management software system which makes it like your dealing with real paper. You can move pages around, throw pages in the trash, markup a page with a pen, and even add sticky notes to individual pages. Collaboration is builtin since it is all stored in Google Cloud with Google’s G Suite.

End the headaches and costs of security. Let Office Sphere connect your business to the cloud today.

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